First Jewish U.S. Travel Guide in 15 Years

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hawaii Not since the late 1990’s has there been a Jewish travel guide to cities across the United States. There have been Jewish travel guides to Europe and to Israel, but  not to U.S. cities. Now, the “2013 Kosher Travel Guide” has just been published by

Kashrus Magazine has been producing a kosher travel guide annually for over 30 years as part of their regular magazine. But this year, with over 100 pages and detailed information on 267 cities (mostly in the U.S.), they decided to put the guide into book form and publish it on Amazon. Surprisingly, no one has produced a Jewish travel guide to the United States in book form for fifteen years.

“Each year, The Kosher Travel Guide issue has been our most demanding issue,” said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine. “We have contacts living in each community who help us update the information about their city and the neighboring ones. You would be surprised how many changes take place in the course of just one year.”

It is that regular updating of information which makes the Kosher Travel Guide a valuable tool throughout the year. This year, the Guide increased its coverage from 236 cities to 267 cities, with no stop in sight.

“Our goal is to include every enclave of Jewry in this country. We print where to dine, where to buy kosher food, where to stay, where to find a shul, a mikvah, an eruv, etc. You name it, we tried to put it in the guide. We even provide information about popular travel spots in each city neighboring towns, as well as contact people to help you with your stay. Many cities also offer Shabbos hospitality for travelers. This guide is an all purpose resource.”

If your town is not in the 2013 Kosher Travel Guide, have no fear, for there is always next year. Contact Kashrus Magazine at and they will include your city in the very next guide.

Bon voyage.

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  1. Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Wickler. Ben Torah beware: Not everything/place listed is paas to go! Be careful who is watching. It might wreck your childs shidduch.


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