First Positive COVID Tests For Athletes In Olympic Village

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Two South African soccer players have become the first athletes inside the Olympic Village to test positive for COVID-19, with the Tokyo Games opening on Friday.

Organizers confirmed the positive tests on Sunday but didn’t identify the athletes other than to say they were non-Japanese. The South African Football Association later confirmed there were three COVID-19 cases in its delegation — two players and a video analyst.

Organizers also said Sunday that another athlete had tested positive but this person was not residing in the Olympic Village. This athlete was also identified as “non-Japanese.”

Also on Sunday, the first International Olympic Committee member was reported as positive. He recorded a positive test on Saturday upon entering a Tokyo airport.

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  1. If the PCR test is known to be a fraud as many nurses explained and as the Who told us “The WHO PCR Test Coronavirus Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA ” and as attorney Reiner Fuellmich revealed from the CDC “CDC states Covid19 tests don’t exist. The covid tests sole purpose is to create fear”, how exactly are they taking “tests” for covid? Me thinks it all has to do with their moods – as it was in 2020.


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