First Report: Lakewood Reelects Meir and Menashe to Township Committee

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meir-lichtenstein[Poll numbers below. Updated 10:05 p.m.] First report, 8:50 p.m.: Lakewood, NJ, voters have chosen to reelect township committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and Menashe Miller in today’s elections, has confirmed.With a significant number of the 38 polling places having been tallied, it appears that former Committeeman Charles Cunliffe, who reentered the ballot field as an independent candidate with sizable senior citizen  backing, got trounced in his effort to return to Town Hall.

35-year-old Menashe Miller, a Republican, and 38-year-old Meir Lichtenstein, a Democrat, were both elected in 2003. Menashe is a chaplain with the US Air Force, and Meir works as a property manager, in addition to serving as a Hatzolah volunteer.

menasheBoth are dedicated askanim who are well-liked in the community.

Pushed out last year from what is now a Republican-controlled committee, Cunliffe traded in his Democratic hat to start the Independent Lakewood Party, which he said would cater to those voters feeling disenfranchised by what he calls a “co-opted” two-party system.

“My biggest gripe is that both major parties in my honest opinion, at the local, state and federal level, do not represent the common folk anymore,” Cunliffe said. “They are so engaged in battling each other that we the electorate are on the outside looking in.”

The 12-year committee veteran’s efforts, however, fell short, despite shoring up support within the adult communities, through campaign rallies and a Web site.

62-year-old Republican Hannah Havens, a four-time committee candidate and former township welfare director, was Menashe Miller’s running mate. 55-year-old Miriam Medina, a parent liaison to the township who also has run unsuccessfully for a committee seat, ran on the Democrat ticket with Meir Lichtenstein. Both lost once again.

cunliffeCunliffe’s running-mate was 55-year-old Lynn Celli, a former Lakewood Development Corp. member and owner of Kringle’s Ice Cream and Ices, which closed in 2004. Celli, 55, said her main concern was government transparency.

Poll numbers will be posted shortly.

10:05 p.m.

Poll numbers: 37/38 polling places counted – 97.37%

REP – Menashe P. Miller – 11,832 – 33.61%

REP – Hannah Havens – 3,587 – 10.19%

DEM – Meir Lichtenstein – 10,744 – 30.52%

DEM – Miriam Medina – 2,734 – 7.77%

IND – Lynn M. Celli – 2,985 – 8.48%

IND – Charles Cunliffe – 3,265 – 9.27%

Write-In – 56 – 0.16%
Total – 35,203 – 100.00%

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Menashe P. Miller 11,832 33.61% —Hannah Havens 3,587 10.19%— Meir Lichtenstein 10,744 30.52% —Miriam Medina 2,734 7.77%—Lynn M. Celli 2,985 8.48%—Charles Cunliffe 3,265 9.27%—56 0.16%—Total 35,203 100.00%

  2. To comment #6 NJ Got change tonight however Lakewood must find a solution to once again become a Koach Hatzibbur and we should unite. We know the reasons that caused everyone other then a minority group to be unhappy.

    Do we elect Zayen Tuvey Haair as Reb Elyashiv suggested? I am really not sure and I think the oilem should come up with suggestions and make their ideas become a reality.

  3. Zayen Tuvey Haair is the only way that the true interests of the Tzibur at large are represented. Rav Eliyashev says that is the derech Hatorah & the Halacha pisuka “Zayen Tuvey Haair”.It would also avoid the Bizyoinois to the Rosh Yeshiva.

    How does this get accomplished?

    There are Seforim detailing how the Zayen Tuvey Haair are elected, function, etc.


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