First-Time Shuls for Kibbutzin


Ayelet Hashachar, an organization founded in 1997 to disseminate Torah life throughout Israel, has built a number of shuls in kibbutzim where shuls were hitherto non-existent. Most recently, it delivered a mobile shul to Kibbutz Elon, located near the Lebanon border.

“For the past five years we were struggling together against the administration of the kibbutz, local community council and Israel Land Authority for permission to have a shul,” a local wrote in a thank you note. “…I have no words to describe the feeling of elation, joy, and satisfaction that gripped the congregation and the members of our kibbutz! We came to the land about eighty years ago or so, and until today we never had a shul.

On Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Ayelet Hashachar opened a shul in the Dovrat Kibbutz in the Galilee together with a hachnosas Sefer Torah. This was the first time in eighty years that such an event took place there.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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