First Yeshivat Maharat Female Rabbi Hired By Orthodox Shul

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maharatIf you’ve been following Matzav’s reporting on the havoc being wreaked by Avi Weiss and his Open Orthodox movement, and particularly Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat, which ordains women in violation of the p’sak of every prominent rov and posek, then you saw this coming.

The first graduate of Yeshivat Maharat to take the title “rabbi” has been hired by an unnamed American Orthodox shul.

Lila Kagedan, who received “semichah” this summer at Weiss’ Yeshivat Maharat said this week that she was recruited to join the staff of a shul. Kagedan refused to name the shul.

Despite most female Orthodox “clergy” from Yeshivat Maharat taking the title of “maharat,” Kagedan, a native of Canada, is reportedly going to be the first graduate to call herself a rabbi.

Hashem yishmireinu.

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  1. As the anecdotal story goes:
    A young man who had been brought up in one of the worst slums of New York, rose to fame and fortune in the theatrical field through his literary talents. He bought a yacht, and although he hired a man to run it for him, he himself assumed the title of “Captain.” He got himself a resplendent uniform – complete with gold braid and brass buttons – and invited his old mother to go for a cruise. His mother had come to the United States from eastern Europe, and she had retained the native common sense that many such immigrants have. The boat stood out from the harbor, and the young man went below to change into his uniform. A few moments later he came out on the deck to parade before his mother. “Look, Momma,” he said, “I’m a captain.” The old lady surveyed him calmly and then, as one accustomed to deflating the ego of a bumptious child, she answered, “Sammy, by you, you is a captain, by me you is a captain, but by a captain, you is no captain.”

  2. The timing of this event is actually fortuitous. The most serious problem with women Rabbis is that they would officiate at weddings and “gittin” when they are Biblically prohibited from acting as witnesses.

  3. Obviously the “synagogue” in question is in reality not a frum shul.
    Perhaps it’s time to simply treat these people as conservative, and to stop paying them so much attention.

  4. So I would say it is not an orthodox shul . How can you even call it that in your report. Publicity about those people who call themselves orthodox should be kept to a minimum…they feed off of it.

  5. Cyrano – So you invented your own Gzaira. Women cant be mesader a Get because cant be a witness to a Get. I suggest you join the Daf Yomi.

  6. whilst clearly, this is in violation of the Mesorah, and is a retrograde step, techinically there is no reason why a woman cant be mesader kiddushin……just saying there are enough valid reasons to oppose this meshigas masquerading as orthodoxy without resorting to the invention of new ones!!!

  7. This howl concept is only an issue if you buy in to the modern label thing which was created by the non-frum who wanted to legitimize them self for what they do.
    However if you come with a Torah approach which is that every Jew is the same just some are more practicing then others do to lack of knowledge or a minority like this guy which perhaps purposely destroying Judaism then their is no confusion

  8. There is an “orthodox shul” Philadelphia that is said to be doing the same. Everyone is afraid to open their mouth since a certain wealthy family is said to be supporting this move.

  9. To #2 and #9: My post was truncated and deleted half of what I actually wrote. It seems that the full text was too controversial for Matzav to handle. Your comments are responsive to the Matzav’s edited version of what I wrote, but not to the actual text and context of my post.


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