FISHY: China Locks Down 22 Million But Reports Few New Cases

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As World Health Organization investigators descend on Wuhan, China to investigate the global coronavirus pandemic origin Thursday, the country has taken to locking down more than 22 million in their homes.

Among the locales on lockdown were cities Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, and Langfang, along with counties in the Heilongjiang province and districts in the capital city of Beijing, The New York Times reported.

Notably, per the report, the massive lockdowns – twice as large as the initial ones at the beginning of the Chinese outbreak – come as the country reported a mere average of 109 new cases a day in a country of 1.4 billion people.

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  1. mass killings takes care of reporting those who are sick or potentially sick. these are the people we do business with and under Biden/Harris we will be further beholden to

  2. The Chinese citizen have probably woken up and learned that “covid” has to do with arresting higher-up criminals and not about any medical viruses or sickness. Thus millions in lockdowns but few are actually sick. Just like in Australia and several provinces in Canada where lockdowns and curfews are only for certain hours. Fools will probably believe that corona appears only at those hours. Well, those are the hours that the military are doing the job of cleaning out new DUMBS recently discovered.


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