Five ISIS Fighters Who Tried To Flee Fallujah Have Their Tongues Cut Off In Public

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THE DAILY MAIL reports that five ISIS militants had their tongues cut off by their own fighters after they tried to flee Fallujah amid a military operation to recapture the Iraqi city.

The terror group has led a brutal and desperate crackdown on deserters after government forces launched a massive offensive on its Iraqi stronghold.

Sources inside the city said five of its members had their tongues hacked out after being sentenced by a sharia court. One insider told ‘ISIS committed this crime in public in front of its members and citizens.’

Thousands of civilians are estimated to remain inside Fallujah, located about 40 miles west of Baghdad, which ISIS has held for over two years. Read more at THE DAILY MAIL.



  1. The terror era is a terrible factor in human history. This is such a crime that the idea of G-d and man can not be met in any society. The islamic terror is not a bar room just looking for a new bottle to throw at the damned. They are criminals of the highest hate order ever imagined and they are not in the gematria as human beings in any conditioned coordination.

    They are born into terrible dreams and they hate easily by the very bad baseless horrible mood that they taste from birth.

    This crime is a very bad of course tangent human reality of hate and all thoughts are that the future will require military intervention and likely marshal law.

    Clearly we are not in a hopeless era, but the middle east will ever be a reality by which the terror is not a friend of any time or worth in a good community we must build for human commerce, living human experience and the fate that all paces of Jerusalem must be holy.

    Care to wager what the par is on hate? It is a very bad day for terrorists any day of the week. We have presidents who must act and a congress. The military is not going to be training men for just the limited deed. This world must be eradicated of islamic terror.

    My thoughts are that we must indeed find solace. The sharia hate crimes are terrible. If they want sharia law just for family structure, it is a positive preference in some communities but the hate crimes against man and human feeling are not the future.

    Trust in G-d. This too can be fixed in a world that we as Jews must find redemption.

    G-d bless America.


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