Five Towns: Achiezer Hurricane Update


achiezerPlease be advised that we are doing our best to assist as many families as possible with clean up. Due to the high volume of requests and less hours of daylight, we will be assembling dozens of volunteers for tomorrow as well. Please be assured that once your request is received, within 1-2 days, our volunteers will be dispatched to assist you.


There is a tremendous amount of beautiful, brand new clothing set up in Shor Yoshuv until 4pm today. Anyone who is unable to get there and requires transportation, please let us know and we will be happy to coordinate a ride for whoever needs. Additionally, any of our local residents who are currently staying in Queens can contact Mrs. Hochberg at 718-454-6137 for clothing.

There will be laundry drop offs at Shor Yoshuv and The Young Israel of Bayswater from 12-3pm TODAY.


As of now, we do not have any concrete information of voting locations. Once locations are verified we will notify everyone in the community.


Once again there will be lunch beginning at 12:30pm and dinner at 4:30pm being served at the following FOUR locations: The White Shul, Shor Yoshuv, Young Israel Woodmere and the Young Israel of Bayswater.

CHABAD is also offering breakfast and lunch until 4:30pm and a hot dinner from 4:30-8pm. You may also go there to rest and recharge your batteries.


There will be a large trailor to accommodate large amounts of Shaimos at 2pm at Shor Yoshuv. Shaimos may also be brought to the Agudah of Bayswater before 3pm for an additional pickup.


Our shelter and home placement effort has been ongoing since the start of the storm. If anyone needs assistance being placed in temporary housing, please call our office and our coordinator will be happy to assist you. You can reach our hotline at either 516-791-4444 or718-414-2456.


Please be advised that both the Far Rockaway Mikvah as well as the Woodmere/Southshore Mikvah on Peninsula Avenue are open and fully operational.


If anyone would like to get involved and help volunteer with a Cedarhurst safety patrol please call Yaakov Gade at 917-364-1947.


We will be having today computers set up in our Central Avenue office from 2:30-4:30pm. Staff will be on hand to help any resident fill out initial applications for FEMA assistance. If you would like to utilize this service today, you MUST bring the following information:

1. The address of your damaged home/apt

2. Name of people living in household

3. Social security numbers for each household member

4. A description of your disaster damages

5. Insurance policy information

6. Telephone number where you will be able to receive a message

7. Address that can receive mail

If you are approved for disaster assistance funds and would like them sent directly to your bank, you will need your bank account type, routing number and account number.
Further application details will be provided when you sign up.

If you plan on coming to the office today to sign up, although it is not required, please try to confirm your spot through our office hotline.

Numerous streets in Lawrence and Cedarhurst have been restored. We understand that for those still in the dark, this news is not helpful. There are intense efforts underway to get Far Rockaway restored and we will continue to keep you posted. Parts of Woodmere have also been restored and within a matter of days, there should be complete restoration in the Woodmere areas.


The following local pediatricians have notified us that they are open to see patients: Dr. Rhein, Dr. Lightman (at 41 Lord Avenue), Dr. Green & Schlusselberg and Dr. Simai.

Dr. Samson will be seeing adults at 657 Central Avenue as well.

For any residents that have been currently placed in Flatbush, Dr. Moshe Lazar has offered to see any children who need medical assistance. He can be contacted at 718-645-7337. Dr. Duvi Klein will be seeing patients in his Boro Park office located at 4406 12th Avenue.

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