Five Towns Marriage Initiative to Present “Resolving Family Financial Challenges”


five towns marriage initiativeFive Towns Marriage Initiative (FTMI) is proud to host its upcoming program entitled “Resolving Family Financial Challenges, Investing in Marital Bonds”, hosted at Young Israel of Wavecrest & Bayswater, 2716 Healy Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY, in association with Mesila on Sunday, June 21st (4th of Tammuz, 5775), beginning at 9:30am.

This exciting, innovative program is designed to address the challenges couples face from the extraordinary financial burdens of our time, opening with Keynote speeches from both Dr. David Pelcovitz, noted author, educator and Chair in Psychology and Jewish Education at the Graduate school of Yeshiva University and Morris Smith, former manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund and Member of Mesila International Advisory Board.

The Keynote sessions are scheduled to begin at 9:30am followed by focused workshops beginning at 10:30am. Workshop leaders include David Mark, LS, LMSW, New York’s only Frum Certified Gottman Therapist, local Five Town’s resident and practitioner and experienced and successful shalom bayis workshop leader. We will also be privileged to hear workshops from R. Nechemia Pansky, Mesila family counselor on the topic of “Budgeting Made Easy” and from R. Shulem Abramcyk, noted educator and Mesilsa Lakewood Branch head on “Educating our Children with Healthy Attitudes to Money.” The workshops will be followed by a global Q&A session for the entire group, with a targeted program completion at 12:30pm.

FTMI is proud to be able to provide babysitting on site throughout the duration of the event for those families in need and light refreshments will be available at the event. The program is designed to help teach tools to enable those attending to better manage, plan and grow with their current resources and to learn to rise to financial challenges working together with their spouse.

Mesila is an international organization dedicated to promoting the financial health of Jewish families, businesses, and communities through
education and counseling. For more information, go to or write to

Five Towns Marriage Initiative (FTMI) is a local grass roots organization dedicated to promoting marital harmony and wellness. FTMI helps couples strive toward a balanced, stress free and happy family life by providing education, tools and resources to encourage couples to work together to find solutions to live together happily and in ever increasing closeness. FTMI serves to enable individuals and couples to truly accomplish their ultimate purpose in this world with their spouse and family as a pivotal and indispensible means to achieving all they possibly can in this world.

FTMI produces a weekly Shalom Bayis Newsletter that it distributes throughout the local Five Towns/Far Rockaway community that brings together divrei Torah and the weekly parsha, middos articles and stories woven together to help bring forth aspects of integrating Shalom Bayis into our daily lives. We provide a daily dial up Shalom Bayis inspiration line with 2-5 minute divrei Torah on timely topics including the parsha and topics again relating to Shalom Bayis. We host a 3x/week Shalom Bayis Hotline to address basic issues and act as a referral source to therapists in the area.

FTMI works closely with local therapists to offer reduced rates and attempts to offer financial assistance where needed to enable those unable to afford intervention the services they require. FTMI also continues to host community-wide programming in attempt to educate, inform and encourage couples and families to lead happier lives, with reduced stress and a stronger focus on Torah ideals.

FTMI does not limit its services to just the local community but attempts to assist anyone in the area, regionally, nationally and even internationally in any and every way we possibly can. We attempt to defray most of the costs for our programming in an attempt to make these more accessible to the entire community. Individuals or companies interested in sponsoring our programming, newsletters, inspiration line, hotline and anonymous sponsorship of couples can call us at 516 430 5280 or email us at

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