Flake Calls For 2020 Trump Primary Challenger


Sen. Jeff Flake called for a Republican to challenge President Trump in the 2020 election on Sunday during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”

“I do think the president will have a challenge from the Republican Party, I think there should be,” Flake said. “I also think that there will be an independent challenge, particularly if the Democrats insist on putting somebody up from the far left of the party.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Flake is such a loser he couldn’t even finish one term in office. He is a failure, an embarrassment. If he had any brains he would hightail it out of there as quiet as possible. Why the need to give him any attention?

  2. Trump joy. Anyone against. He has bible power.

    Very sure to think hard. If he got elected he will again. Expect it.

    Very new day.


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