Flashback Letter: Rav Shach and the Steipler Gaon on the Severe Issur of Going on to the Har Habayis

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har habayis letter


  1. The Raavad holds there is no Kedusha b’zman hazeh.

    As far as tumas zav goes, the Tosfos Yom Tov already points out that it’s not maztui in our times and therefore no chashash.

    Plus many other reasons to be matir. What about the Rambam (who even held there is still kedusha b’zman hazeh) who writes he went up to Har HaBayis (“Bayis HaGadol”) … There are places that a bal keri who is tovel can go to without problem, not to mention the additional 100 meters of space there that has no kedusha at all (according to the measurements of mesectas middors and the placement of the Kodesh HaKadoshim according to the Radbaz….

  2. Your are reading in to the arab naritive that going on the har habyis caused this. No they planned this. It’s all artificial. The palestinians realised they were being marginalized in the press because of all the syrian refugees etc. . All posting this would do is spread sinas chinam!


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