Flat Earthers Are Unhappy About NASA’s Mars Insight Lander

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Flat Earthers are not pleased about NASA’s latest mission to Mars, which saw the space agency’s InSight lander arrive at the red planet on Monday.

“Please, tell me nobody is falling, yet again, for another fake Mars landing? Landing on Mars would be like landing on a non-solid, flicking sonoluminescent light…because that is all Mars is. Don’t be suckered into this nonsense again…” one Flat Earther wrote.

Needless to say, InSight did indeed land on Mars—a round, rocky planet located just under 40 million miles away. The InSight mission is expected to last for two years.

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  1. Yup. Same crackpots that are against vaccinations. Same wackos who only believe in holistic healing. Never ever take an Advil. Eating any fruits and vegetables that are not homegrown organic will only cause an early death. Tune in tonight at 1:00am to Coast to Coast. George Nori will have the latest updates on all the conspiracy theories.

    • The term “conspiracy theorist” was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about JFK Assassination. In a Memo called “counting criticism of the warren report,” CIA set out to make the term “conspiracy” a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the governments secret activities and programs.

  2. There are, unfortunately, among our very own people, those who adamantly believe in many sorts of absolute nonsense. Some of them go so far as emphatically stating that all the others, who do not share their misguided superstitions and myths are heretics, destined only for Gehinom.

  3. Waiting for Russia’s space agency to check out the Mars landing once they’re done with investigating America’s moon landing which logically doesn’t make sense because #1 it’s impossible that the astronauts were able to withstand a temperature from -225 to +243 Fahrenheit every single day and night. Besides other proof that it was a hoax.
    Besides, NASA already admitted that they couldn’t get there. So how could they get to Mars?

    • Hey flat-earther antivaxxer, so now you are in your mommy’s basement at 5:45 am after a sleepless night of reading tinfoil hat websites, expressing opinions on subject matters you no nothing about. Did you ever take a physics course in your life?! Just do yourself a favor, and stop embarrassing yourself.


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