Flatbush Alert: Packages Stolen From Porches

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A message from the FJCC:

Many residents in our community have recently reported packages stolen from their porches.

Boxes from grocery stores, as well as from UPS, FedEx and the Post Office have all been reported stolen.

Reports have shown thieves arriving in a vehicle packed with other boxes, or on foot, minutes after delivery trucks drop off the packages and taking them. Perhaps they are following them around.

It is important that you request all grocery and online orders not be left if no one is there to accept it.
Make sure video cameras are working and recording at all times.

Flatbush Shomrim is working with detectives from the local precincts to solve the crimes.
It is important that all stolen packages and car break ins
– even if nothing is stolen- be reported to the police.
This helps the police develop patterns, and decide where to best deploy undercover anti-crime patrols.

First call 911 to have a patrol car come and take the report.
Then call Flatbush Shomrim at 718-338-9797 who will send an expert to collect video from you and neighbors.

If there is any further complaint or issue, call the precinct directly.

Find out your precinct here:

Phone numbers for Police precincts in the greater Flatbush area:

60 pct. (718) 946-3311
61 pct. (718) 627-6611
63 pct. (718) 258-4411
66 pct. (718) 851-5611
70 pct. (718) 851-5511

Flatbush Shomrim: (718) 338-9797

An email sent to [email protected] will help us monitor the situation.



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