Flatbush: Community Kinnus On Danger of Missionaries Tomorrow

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missionariesA Jews for J missionary group has spent $2.1 million to acquire a building and $2 million more on renovations to construct a 14,000-square-foot missionary center in the heart of Flatbush. It will house a “synagogue,” a Sefer Torah, classrooms, and a dining hall, and will boast concerts and an espresso bar, with the intention of attracting the general Orthodox community and particularly unaffiliated local Jews and adults at risk from frum homes who have abandoned Yiddishkeit or are on the fringe. Vulnerable Jews will be invited for deceptive Friday night meals and holiday parties and services.

The missionary center makes it clear in its promotional material that Jews in Brooklyn are their prime targets.

Recently, these same missionaries spent millions of dollars on a marketing campaign on Flatbush and Boro Park MTA busses. They have also been dressing up as frum Jews with tzitzis and yarmulkas, and have attempted to infiltrate shuls and Jewish homes with their literature and books that look like seforim.

There will be a community kinnus tomorrow, Wednesday, 22 Teves/December 25th, to alert the community to the dangers of the missionaries. A “Da Ma Shetoshiv” seminar will educate the community about the truth of the Torah. Speakers will include anti-missionary activist Rabbi Tovia Singer; Rav Yitzchok Fingerer, mara d’asra of Brooklyn Jewish Xperience (BJX), who is at the forefront of battling the local missionaries; and Rabbi Mordechai Tokarsky, director of RAJE.

Men and women are urged to attend this kinnus, which will take place at the Brooklyn Jewish Xperience Kiruv and Chizuk Center, located at 2915 Avenue K, at 11 a.m.

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    2000 years they have mortally killed Jews.
    Now, there are laws against murder so for the past 150 years or so they decieve us,lie to us, trick us and a new recent tactic they use EXTREME LOVE to win a simple Jew over to bow to their dead mangod.
    The doctrine of rome is to love us to spiritual death, donate to Israel show your love,even convert to orthodox Judaism then trick the Jew to accept or even add jc into your life.See ‘YAD L’ACHIM’ orginization who captures and returns lost Jews to the minds and families
    Rabbi lipshitz zt’l founded this great org.
    see thir ‘tabs’ for stories what the xtians do to us.

  2. “with the intention of attracting the general Orthodox community”

    Huh? That doesn’t make any sense. Lets see. I was about to go to my regular Shul that I’ve been davening for the last 32 years. But wait, there is a new missionary “synagogue” that’s opening in my neighborhood. Let me start davening there. Huh? Oh right, they have an espresso bar so I’ll throw away my Yiddishkeit for that. Weird.

  3. Unfortunately, LOVE BOMBING, which they’re trained to do, albeit insincerely & deceptively – – – could attract one who’s given up on all the pressures of succeeding/fitting in/other shtus.

    Meantime I hope their sheker continues to be transparent & an embarrassment to them.

  4. Local, you must then be a guy they wont or will not succeed in targeting. What about the guy who does not have an established shul? The guy who is not so knowledgeable about Yiddeshkiet, the guy who did not have a religious upbringing.

    Obviously, a guy who davens at the Agudah will probably not be found hanging out with these guys….Its not that weird.

  5. # 4
    I think you’re being a bit small minded. You may not go there but others who aren’t as secure in their Yiddishkeit may very well go f it’s a cool place to hang out or get the love they crave.

  6. The threat is not from outside its from within. If we want to be safe then we must begin utilizing the missionaries greatest weapon, love.

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