FLOOD CNN: Let the Network Know that You Support Trump’s America Safe Policy

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CNN has issued a request for stories from people about how President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions have impacted their lives.

Let’s give CNN what they want and flood their lines, letting them know that we want to keep America safe, free of terror, and ISIS-free, and that we support the president.

Flood the lines and get your friends to do so too. Call 646.535.9720.

Help the truth be heard, Matzav readers.



  1. You are entitles to your opinion, with your ultra conservative views, but news is meant to be impartial. You may want to change your news site, to an opinion site.

  2. What are you taking about? This has nothing to do with safety and isn’t good for the Jews. Did Daas Torah tell you to do this?

    Why do we as frum Jews find the need to align ourselves with extreme right wing views?

    The way we vet refugees is already extreme and it takes 2 years of investigating and interviewing before they can come in. Why do we need to show our support for this?

  3. CNN isn’t asking for people’s opinions; it’s asking for personal stories.

    But if it’s opinions you want, a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken on January 30-31 found that 49% of American adults said they either “strongly” or “somewhat” agreed with Trump’s order, while 41% “strongly” or “somewhat” disagreed and 10% said they don’t know.

    This poll hasn’t gotten much play in the mainstream media, since the results aren’t what the media want to hear.

  4. Been There and Yossi,
    You comments are correct. However, Matzav has been adding its own Opinions to news for a very long time.
    Very disappointing.
    And they are not based on Daas Torah and some times they are very harmful.

  5. These people Trump is keeping out would like nothing more than to kill each and every one of us, our families, and everyone we know. To oppose this ban is quite literally suicide. In ten years when all the European leaders are beheaded and America is safe, you’ll have Trump to thank for your lives. If you truly knew how evil ISIS and other Islamists were, you would want a bigger ban.

  6. I love dead children! Keep up the good work matzav. It’s not our problem. Who says never again, we were almost exterminated let’s stand by and let it happen to others.

  7. Yossi I’m curious which members of the Somali, Syrian or Yemenite government you trust to give over accurate information about these refugees.
    And also, what else would you trust them for? Did you ever enter a business deal with them? Invite them to your home?

  8. If you don’t want to call, don’t, but stop leaving
    silly comments (it’s not daas torah.we are watching
    people die.etc.),about this temporary ban which is, by simple common sense, reasonable and good.
    By the way if you don’t like the opinion here, go
    watch cnn it will be perfect for you.


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