Florida Breaks Coronavirus Cases Record With Over 5,500 New Infections

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For the fifth time in eight days, Florida set a new daily high for total coronavirus cases Wednesday, reports said.

The state added a record 5,508 new infections Wednesday, up nearly 1,500 from the Sunshine State’s previous daily high on Saturday with 4,409 cases, the Miami Herald reported.

Florida now has a total of 109,014 cases, along with 44 new deaths, bringing the statewide death toll to 3,281, the outlet reported.

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  1. Who did the Google search for this number, 5,508? Had they gone up with another 4,000, they’d have gotten NJ coronavirus death to 9,508.

  2. Another piece of the socialist-fascist nonsense. 40 covid19 deaths in a day….out of the population of 21.5 million. Such a scale of population probably generates a similar amount of daily fatalities due to auto and home accidents. Yet, no one says “even one life is worth prohibiting all automobiles, home steps, electric wires, bicycles and swimming pools”. Obviously, 40 out of 21 million does not qualify as an epidemic, maybe a local outbreak at best. Definitely, not enough to justify shutting down the entire state’s people’s lives, which only causes more long-term health issues and eventual fatalities, by the way. Besides, NYC style shutdowns don’t work at decreasing the number of covid19 fatalities either. How do I know? As reported on June 24th, NYC had about a total of 17,000 covid19 fatalities; out of 8 million population, covid19 fatalities per million were 2,125. Florida, which did not imprison its own population, had a total of 3,285 covid19 fatalities; out of population of 21.5 million, covid19 fatalities per million were 153 – or 93% less than the fascist-shutdown NYC. There is a reason why the liberal-fascists that run the American education system don’t teach the real math; you can’t dupe someone who is comfortable with processing the actual numbers.


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