Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Asked For No Hurricanes In His Kvittel At The Kosel

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Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis prayed in Israel that his state doesn’t get hit by a hurricane this year.

The Sunshine State governor revealed Monday that he kept with tradition by sticking a slip of paper with a written prayer in between the crevices at the Kosel during his May visit.

“Good Lord, spare us hurricanes this year,” the governor of the state hit with the most storms said he wrote on the paper.

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    • I agree. It shows he is a nossain beol im chavero. The governor is a good normal guy. A Republican, mind you.
      Lemaaseh, Torah is meygin. B”H there are numerous Yeshivos and Kollelim throughout South Florida. May HKB”H protect the citizenry.

  1. there are many Yidden in Florida – Miami, ft lauderdale, delray beach, boca raton, west palm beach and many other cities – so Hashem will spare them from any destruction

  2. Desantis, help the President arrest the Deep State Cabalists who are behind these chemtrails, hurricanes, climate change and whatnot that is destroying the world and voila your kvittel has been answered!


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