Florida Labs Wrongly Omit Negative Test Results

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Numerous laboratories in Florida have misreported 100% positive coronavirus test rates, according to FOX 35.

The Florida Department of Health said some labs have not reported any negative test results.

Other labs reported extremely high positivity rates, which set off some alarms.

Orlando Health, for example, reported a 98% rate. But when FOX 35 reached out to the health facility to confirm that rate, officials reported only a 9.4% rate.

The Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center reported a positivity rate of 76%. A spokesperson later told the station the hospital’s positivity rate was 6%.

The state health department on Tuesday said all labs in the state are required to report both positive and negative results immediately. It admits some labs have not. In particular, the health department said small, private labs were withholding negative results.

Florida is currently reporting 12,000 coronavirus cases a day, up from 2,000 from a month ago. And on Tuesday, 132 deaths were announced in a single day. Read more at Newsmax.



  1. When all this corona balona will be over, doctors, nurses, health depts and their labs will have lost the most trust in people.

    “Numerous laboratories” = 33 labs in Florida all had only positive results. Positive results in Israel (most results) no doubt have similar lab errors…

    In Israel the Health Dept and politicians are fuming at the Gedolei Yisroel who forbid their talmidim / chassidim to take blood tests if they have fever or not feeling well. These Gedolei Yisroel tell the bachurim to take acamol (tylenol) and rest it out for a few days but nobody should take a test because it will obviously be positive and then the entire yeshiva can close down for at least 2 weeks. Kol hakavod!

    • um…you do know that when israel tests 20,000 people and then 1500 test positive, that means that there were 18500 people that tested negative. so sorry to burst your bubble….

      • In Israel it’s 15,000 positive for 20,000 which is why many chareidim, as well as chilonim don’t test anymore because it’s all bogus.


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