Florida Surpasses 200,000 Coronavirus Cases

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Florida surpassed 200,000 coronavirus cases as the state reported another 10,059 new positives on Sunday.

The state has reported more than 10,000 new cases for a fourth straight day as the country sees another surge in the pandemic. Florida is among 11 states where numbers have spiked, at least doubling over the past two weeks.

On Saturday, Florida reported 11,458 new cases of the virus, which breaks its previous records and approaches New York’s highest daily tally of 11,571 from April.

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  1. To compare Florida to New York is pure fake news. The entire state of Florida is experiencing about an average 250 hospitalization and 50 deaths a day. That’s almost less in a month than NY had in a day. Florida is testing hundreds of thousands of people each day so the positive numbers of that many tests can’t be compared to New York in April. It’s apples to oranges unless, of course you are part of the agenda driven media trying to frighten people or attempting to make the governor look bad.

    • Yid, the surge has pnky2 begun you are using irrelevant data. Lets hope the number of deaths and hospitalization will be low.

  2. Like President Trump said, 99% of coronavirus has nothing to do with medical sickness. By now everyone should be awakened and realize that coronaviurs = elite Deep State / Cabal / Mossad arrests.


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