Florida’s New COVID-19 Daily Case Count Hits New York’s Peak

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Florida reported a new record daily-high COVID-19 case count on July 4, approaching and possibly surpassing even the disastrous peak of cases in New York this spring, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Florida’s department of health reported 11,458 new cases on today.

According to state data in New York, the previous global epicenter of the virus, the daily case count peak hit 11,571 in April. Johns Hopkins University’s slightly different data set, with a New York state peak of 11,434 daily cases in mid-April, suggests Florida has already surpassed New York’s record. In any case, Florida is, this weekend, approaching 200,000 cumulative coronavirus cases. At least 3,803 residents have died from the virus. Read more at Tampa Bay Times.



  1. Many more people got it in NY in a day, but there wasn’t enough testing to test everyone that had it. Not evereyone with symptoms was able to get tested, unlike Florida’s testing capacity now.

  2. Where are the additional daily fatalities in Florida?! Don’t tell me about the 2 week lag, because the dumbrats have been screaming about the supposed increase in Florida cases for weeks now, yet there isn’t any increase in daily fatalities(using 7 day average to even out daily reporting fluctuations). Maybe they increased the testing, maybe the current tests don’t show as many false negatives, maybe the age group that is getting the new infections is the age group that has no fatalities from covid19, maybe it’s a different virus strain that is almost nonfatal, maybe covid19 fatality rate would have been 40-50% lower if Cuomo and Murphy didn’t force covid19 patients into the nursing homes, maybe covid19 fatality rate would have been 10-20% lower if relatives were allowed to visit the covid19 patients in hospitals, so that they wouldn’t have died from neglect by the unionized nurses. One thing is for sure: there is no increase in daily fatalities, which means there is no covid19 disaster in Florida. Sorry, socialist-fascists, you can’t fool us – we have access to data, and we have an IQ of at least 85.


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