FOOLISH ARROGANCE: Dopey NYPD Cop Pulls Over Driver, But Fully Blocks Street, Caring Nothing About Other Motorists

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  1. They do it all the time. I once filed a complaint with the NYPD citizen complaint review board and their response was that that is protocol in effort to ensure the safety of the officers. They routinely park in crosswalks too. They’re constantly driving while on the phone. They’re above the law! They’re like the mayor: ABOVE THE LAW. I guess we the right wing citizenry are causing the anti Semitism by calling them out on it.

  2. You are morons. You live in a foreign country that does you the Chessed of letting you live there in peace. If that ever changed, how long do you think it would take “Dopey” to forget your JEWISH website’s headline about him.
    I think that the headline of tomorrow’s news should be “Foolishly arrogant morons insult police man in golus” lol
    You guys need to get a life.

  3. Btw why do you think he did that in Jewish neighborhood? Maybe he’s already bitter about Jews? Maybe stop building mansions and acting like you own the place and belong there? Maybe take the hint that The Ribono shel Oilam is sending you?

    • Stay in the Midwest. You obviously have no idea of how abusive these NYC cops are to the citizenry. Life in NYC is difficult enough. To have these cops pester and harass us taxpayers is a burden to difficult to bear. Their condescending arrogance is worse than all.


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