Footage Of The Damage Wrought By The Devastating Fire In Mevo Modiin (via BELAAZ)

moshav Mevo Modi’im
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  1. Meanwhile, a resident of the Moshav has been reported missing, and a link is going around asking for money to assist the family, and many have contacted YWN to confirm this is true.

    YWN has confirmed that a man names Moshe Ilovitz is in fact missing, and he is a resident of Mevo Modiim. Police say the man was last seen in Meron a few days before Lag B’Omer, and police actually released a statement looking for the man three days before Lag B’Omer. It does not appear that he was on the Moshav at the time of the fire, and remans missing. The fund states that the family is dealing with two crisis. First that he is missing, and second, their home was destroyed in the fire. Those wanting to help the family can do so by clicking here.

    His name for Tehillim is Moshe Eliezer ben Pearl Malkah Henny.


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