Footage: Peleg Protesters Gather At Binyanei Haumah To Protest Yeshiva Bocur Arrests



  1. these people have no life and nothing to do with themselves. either, work, learn or go to the army, they just want to “pistiveh avek de tzait” and make life uncomfortable for others. All in the name of religion.
    shame on the police for not taking more forceful action against these risha’im.

    • Don’t blame the police. Their hands are tied.

      The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Prime Minister Netenyahu and his coalition partners, including Naftali Bennett, Tzipi Hotovely, and Ayalet Shaked. Netenyahu is close to lose his coalition and he needs the Haredim to prop him up. As such, he dares not offend anything Haredi.

      That is why I support Yesh Atid.

      • You have got to be kidding!Yesh Atid is full of hateful anti-religious, inflammatory rhetoric and Lapid is the most arrogant ,self-centered politician in Israeli politics.Guess you also like people like Farrakhan!

    • Pidyon shevuyim is a mitzvah, especially when it’s also saving someone’s soul. Protests have been proven time and again to be extremely effective. Most of the time bachurim arrested are released within 24 hours after the protest. So there you go!

  2. Talk. It helps.

    Streets are for commerce. We petition Hashem.

    This is dust stupid. Dangerous. Clammy. And effective discontent in Torah lessons.


  3. The numbers that came to the levaya were reported to be in tens of thousands.
    The number of protestors number in the hundreds.
    This implies that the percentage of chareidim that actually actively support Peleg and its policies is approximately 1% with 99% not supporting it.

    • Wrong! The numbers reported at the levaya by Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) numbered between 100,000-150,000 people.
      According to a survey by Channel 2 News, they comprise approx 30-40 percent of Chareidi jewry in Israel. Get your facts straight before posting on a public forum.

      • Have you heard of Fake news? Here you riot against the Army and here you rely on their word.
        According to most experts there was about 40,000 people.

    • . . . and we will remain in Flatbush until Moshiach comes, just as our grandparents waited in Warsaw, Budapest, Kiev, Transylvania, Roumania, Czechoslavakia, etc.

  4. Anonymous-Whoever is upset about being stuck in two hour traffic…..YOU WERE WARNED AND COULD HAVE GONE ANOTHER ROUTE. So typical American to judge…all of you who are making fun and saying what reshaim they are-past Gedolim would’ve approved such a protest and would have called it a Kiddush HASHEM. Did you see any violence? Not a stich …..and for all of u who complain that they should be learning….ever heard of being hasedorim and listening to rabbanim?……DON’T BE JEWISH ANTI SEMITES….not saying you need to agree but don’t put your mouth on something you don’t know much about or don’t deal with.

    • You are totally wrong, Not only past gedolim would not have approved such wild behavior even today’s Gedolim are mostly against this, It is a great chilul hashem and creates a lot of damage for charedim for years and years to come.
      But someone who has no seichel will not grasp it.
      You tell this to a woman who comes home from her job and has to be stuck in traffic for hours because a few hundred wild youths jumping in the streets like monkeys.

  5. how could you call them risha’im there the ones learning and protesting to be able to continue learning how could you call all hose jews risha’im why do you think you have that right

  6. These chashuva bochurim are being mekadeish sheim shamayim! There was no violence, just singing and danching. This sends a strong message to the Israeli govt to back off, and give blanket exemptions to ALL bochurim, to stop with the annual conscription quotas. Did you know that in the last year 3,100 bochurim were coerced into joining the IDF? That’s why these bochurim are protesting!

  7. The Tzahal is for chilonim. Let them do something productive with their lives. For them, it’s either army or being drugged out on the streets of Tel Aviv.

  8. My son is a very sweet boy, who can’t learn all day, so also works. He was in a accident and has (platinot) metal bars in both his legs. He walks, but at times he is in great pain. A year after getting into the accident, the army driove him crazy-had him come to tel-aviv not less than 12 times until he relented and signed-and for one reason only-because he is religious. The only think the army is interested in is Their agenda, which is to indocturate the kids to a life without Torah-a life like all the goyim!!!
    What does the army need a lame person in the army for? Nothing! They only want to prove their superiority in their crooked way of life.

  9. I live here and while I definitely agree that the army is unfortunately no place for a frum man, the means have to justify the end. In this case, closing down parts of the city is חלילה a disaster waiting to happen. What do you think will happen if there is an emergency? Add the demonstrations to the infrastructure work in other parts of ירושלים and I shudder to think of what I don’t want to put into words…אל תפתח פה לשטן.
    ה’ ישמור

  10. Again you were warned anonymous and could have not planned to go there…..oh and wait will you be screaming today when the ENTIRE city is shut for some marathon…..don’t have double standard.

  11. I don’t know if I support the manner of the protests but I definitely support them for the issue they are protesting about.

  12. Eidel K… a video put out on Bechadrei Chareidim it clearly shows a hatzala van being able to pass through by the protesters…..and again do u have a problem with the marathon shutting down the entire city today?

  13. The posek hador maran rav ezriel auerbach shlit”a member of moetzes gedolei olam hatorah paskend in a letter written yesterday that all must continue in the ways of his brother maran rosh hayeshiva rav shmuel zy”a, and come out on the streets to prottest the terribla draft law

  14. Gedolei yisroel in eretz yisroel have actually called for these protsts,the “moetzes gedolei olam hatorah” which was founded by maran harav shmuel auerbach zy”a just a few weeks before his sudden passing, and has in it from the biggest roshei yeshiva and gaonim, have all said that its a must to protest the terrible draft law, to name just a few of the gedolim that called for protets are:
    Hagaon hagadol RAV BARUCH SHMUEL HAKOHEIN DEUTCH SHLIT”A, r”y kol torah, who is well-known as being from the biggest gaonim of oue generation.RA
    hagaon hagadol RAV EZRIEL AUERBACH SHLIT”A, rav of the bayit vagan neighborhood, who is from the biggest poskim of todays day.
    Hagaon hagadol RAV YISROEL YITZCHAK KALMANOWITZ SHLIT”A, the “ohalei yehoshua” a famos gaon kadosh who the steipler gaon said on him that the world actually stands on his tefilos!, people come to him from around the world to receive his brachos which are known to have extraordinary powers.
    Hagaon hagadol RAV OSHER HAKOHIN DEUTCH SHLIT”A, r”y ponovezh, who is a famos gaon and genius, who hagaon rav yona zalishinsky shlit”a a ra”m in ponovezh, says over that thirty years ago he heard from his rebbe maran harav shteinman zy”a the following: rav osher
    is the greatest talmid chacham of the generation!!

  15. Protests are a way of expression that is accepted in modern democracies. Teva employees protested even though they admitted that people’s lives could be endangered due to lack of medicine. Sanitation workers protest even though it makes the streets more dangerous to maneuver. Airport employees protest even though it causes untold confusion and inconvenience. When charadim protest everyone is up in arms. Whether they admit it or not it comes from hate of charadim. Just like people hate extreme charadim more than they hate extremist George Soros. They will taunt and possibly assault extreme charadim but won’t go near Soros.

  16. it’s funny so many people against the seculars draft. have no problem with the tumahdikah internet!
    a bunch of hypacrites the lot of them!


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