FOR SHAME: Lakewood BlueClaws Holds “Pride Night” Celebrating Toeivah; Individuals Come Out in Protest

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The Lakewood BlueClaws, the Philadelphia Phillies’ Class A baseball affiliate, held a “Pride Night” last night outside its FirstEnergy stadium in Lakewood, NJ. The event promoted non-traditional marriage and lifestyles described as “to’eivah” by the Torah.

A number of individuals, including Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Rabbi Yehuda Shain and Rabbi Alter Eliezer Richter went out to protest, holding signs that included the words” Take your pride back to Sodom, not Lakewood.”

A flyer that went around prior to the event stated, “This abomination must stop! Come out and protest!” the flyer reads. “Our children are already bombarded in schools/media/entertainment with terribly anti-family brainwashing. …Pride events at family venues like sporting events, bowling alleys, malls, shopping centers or even Ocean County College.”

On Motzoei Shabbos, the BlueClaws, celebrating what they call “Pride Month,” will distribute rainbow-colored hats to the first 1,500 fans.

In a statement, BlueClaws president Joe Ricciutti said, “We want to show the LGBT community that they are welcome at BlueClaws games, and always will be welcome at BlueClaws games.”

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  1. Good .could be better

    R’Shneider ztl:IF not a single person protest it is a kitrug for the whole Jewish people

      • Rasha

        “The Hottest Places in _____Are Reserved for Those Who in a Period of Moral Crisis Maintain Their Neutrality”

      • Live and let live doesn’t apply to retarded dysfunctional animals that are corrupting society.
        They don’t even have a right to go to Sedom.
        They should all be burnt in public.
        And then again in Gehenim.
        Every last one.
        They aren’t humans.

  2. Interesting that the owners of this stadium are Frum. Yet there is no outcry by the community. Toaiva doesn’t bother the community. When a wedding hall in Brooklyn rented out their hall for an anti vax conference, all hell broke loose. So the tzibur is basically telling the Aibishter that, some small silly conference on vaccines, we’re all fired up about but what the Torah calls toiava, yawn, who cares? Terrible.

    • Being in Canada I only know what I read about these things, but it seems the anti vax conference was targeted specifically to Jewish invitees and held by a group claiming to be “United Jewish Community Council” . In other words, the conference was held in the name of Jews. So it is incumbent on Jews to protest – “not in my name”. I see nothing about the event of the current article being either by, for, or in the name of Jews, so why would Jews get involved in a goyishe held gathering? You may as well protest the goyishe December holidays.

      • Not sure what you mean by getting involved with “goyishe” events. If HKB”H calls homosexual marriage as an abomination-Toaiva, how can you say it doesn’t concern you?! Kosvin ksuvin….applies to both Yidden AND goyim! Here in the United States we have something called the Bible Belt, where many many goyim are God fearing normal people. The Evangelical’s are very outspoken against gay marriage and abortion and THEY DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!! We as Frum Yidden are always bending over backwards, twisting ourselves into pretzels, tiptoeing on eggshells, apologizing & apologizing for standing up for what our Torah Hakdosha says! Who has more courage? The Evangelicals or us Frum Yidden??? I’m afraid to say, the Evangelicals have way more courage than us. And don’t give me the “shhh, we’re in galus” speach! For every other stupidity the Frummer yell from the rooftops. For this their silent. Sorry, on my way to my Shavuos vacation. Can’t be bothered with this “goyishe” problem.

  3. What’s happening with all your “pride” reports this week with this one being right above another “pride” and a kosher one, no less?

  4. It’s one thing if the Lakewood community supported the baseball club. They do not.

    Basically these Frum fakers are bunch of bigots!! Sorry it had to be said but that is exactly what they are!! True BIGOTS!! There is no way BMG would ever support such a chillul hasem protest under their name!!

    • ????Us Jews are big bigots?
      I’m happy you included excluding yourself
      go join the Seven Nations of Cana’an who were both pluralistic and tolerant of alternative lifestyles
      though even they could not recognize it as marriage

      and guess what?
      we were obliged to obliterate them

      How inconvenient

  5. THINK ABOUT THIS VERY HARD, AND THEN SEE WHY MESHIACH IS NOT HERE.(1) When a Kosher restaurant in Lakewood put up Israel flag on YOM HATZMAUT,Lakewood went up in flames.(2) When Yeshiva Bochrim wanted to have KOSHER concert ,Lakewood went up in flames.HOWEVER WHEN THIS EVENT TOOK PLACE LAKEWOOD WAS SLEEPING.MAY HASHEM HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US AND SENT MESHIACH NOW, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF HIM,AMEN.

  6. Friday night? Motzoei Shabbos on Yom tov night? Let them do what they want! BH they are not doing it when frum people are around!

    • Excellent point. They are only drilling a hole in the bottom of the boat IN THEIR OWN CABIN. Why should we care? I can swim anyway.

  7. How about a “straight pride” nite? Why is the LGBT community getting things that “normal” people don’t get? I’ll tell you why, because we are taken for granted. Why is there even a LGBT “community” . We and them should all be under the same banner as citizens

    • Lakewood is not a “religious yeshiva town”. It is a town with religious yeshivas, religious schools, colleges, and churches, and many non-religious buildings and businesses.

      Even owning every seat on the committee will not take away from the Freedoms of religion and speech that protect Pride Night. So when you see a private venue such as a bowling alley or baseball stadium advertising something you disagree with, you have 2 choices:

      1> refuse to support their business, and inform them of why. If enough people boycott, the owner will either listen or shut down.

      2> open a business that caters to Frum family values, and encourage those with your beliefs to go there.

      And exactly which children do you mean when you say “our children are already bombarded in schools”? Maybe in the public schools, but they are exposed to plenty of other problems if they go there.

  8. anon37,georgg e,pink hat [sic]

    Tanchuma RE’eh

    Some drowned in the mabul
    even if they themselves weren’t degenerate for their disinterest
    & lack of care in the moral degeneracy

  9. Why is this a surprise? This mishigas is all over the place.

    So now they’re machshiv the Blueclaws? That town is confused.


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