For Shame: Senate Votes 56-44 To Proceed With Trump Impeachment Trial

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An overwhelming majority of Senate Republicans voted Tuesday against proceeding with the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump — signaling for a second time that his conviction is all but impossible, the NY Post reports.

The 56-44 vote to try Trump for allegedly inciting the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol by his supporters followed more than three hours of arguments by lawyers on both sides.

Six Republicans voted with all 50 Democrats, one more than during a vote last month that gauged support for one of the former president’s key defenses — that the Senate has no jurisdiction over him because he’s no longer in office.

But the vote also signals that it’s highly unlikely 17 GOP senators will join with the Senate’s 50 Democrats to comprise the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump. Read more NY Post



  1. The Senate is not a court of law. How can they vote and decide if something is Constitutional? Do they know the law? Even the Chief Justice wont preside on the impeachment. Doesn’t that tell you something?

  2. According to the Constitution you can only impeach a president. You can’t impeach a private citizen. Are they admitting that Trump is still President?

  3. Nothing to worry about. President Trump will not be the president of the now defunct U.S. Inc. which has not run according to the Constitution. (For that matter, neither is Biden who’s only pretending to be president.) On 21 Feb 1871, the US Corporation took over the USA as a privately owned government over the District of Columbia, with us citizens as their employees.

    This impeachment does also not follow the Constitution, as you cannot impeach a non-sitting president. Trump will be back within a month be’ez”H as the 19th President of the USA Republic. He was sworn in to the new Republic on January 11, 2021.

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