For Shame: Women of the Wall to Perform “Birchos Kohanos” at Kosel This Pesach

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The Women of the Wall continue their unbridled assault on Yiddishkeit and traditional Judaism as we know it with a new provocation: After appealing to the Supreme Court to allow them to bring a Sefer Torah to the Kosel, the Women of the Wall have announced on social networks and websites that they will institute Birchos Kohanos – that is, Priestly Blessings for Women – at the Kosel on the first day of Pesach.

A statement issued by the women on Facebook states that on “the first day of Pesach, April 24, the women will gather for the blessing ceremony at the Kosel, the first to be held by women, serving as the equivalent of the traditional ritual practiced in many Jewish circles, when men who come from a family of kohanim bless the crowd, lifting their hands up to say the blessing, with hands outstretched towards the public.”

Unfortunately, the chillul Hashem perpetrated by these women seems to grow with each passing day.

May Hashem have mercy on them and guide them to the proper path of Torah, with full adherence to halacha.

David Steger – Israel


  1. I once heard rabbi Reisman shlita comment about these women that if they are so dedicated why don’t their husbands put on tallis and tefillin?

  2. Send these women to Nazeret to pray/play with their own kind, the Goyim and other assorted shkutzim and shiktzes. Feh.. Disgusting.

  3. Hashem yeracheim. These women are an insult to Jewish women everywhere. Our job is to raise our children to be yorei Shamayim and to instill in them a love for Torah and mitzvos, emuna, bitachon and midos tovos. Our job is not to be men.

  4. Jewish Stagnation.

    The Women of the Wall are the new era of a poor reform of hate.

    They will not be our careful prayers. We can just daven for a return to Davidic Reign and the reestablishment of our Judges. They are so poor that even davening against the wicked says that they are the problem of the men that they married.


    This is a shame.


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