For The First Time, Internationally Acclaimed Chef Yonatan Roshfeld will Cook Kosher Lemehadrin For Pesach


By Yosef Katz

The renowned chef, Yonatan Roshfeld, is known to the general public as the owner of exclusive restaurants and one of the greatest chefs in the world of fine foods in Israel.

His restaurants are always full to capacity since the  demand to enjoy his culinary creations are overwhelming and is legendary in the industry. However, for the first time, the chareidi public that enjoys only kosher lemehadrin products, will be able to enjoy his culinary expertise when he will cook for hundreds of chareidi families who will come from all over the world as guests in a hotel in Greece this coming Pesach.

The Resort creta Palace is a five star hotel on the Geecian shore. It will serve as the center of attention as master chef Yonatan Roshfeld will not only instruct and guide the staff as to the preparing of the festive meals, but he and his gifted staff, among them the noted conditor Edan Hadad, will be guests at the hotel throughout the holiday and will accompany the entire culinary experience from beginning to end.

“Roshfeld will be involved with buying each tomato and he will be the one to decide about each and every vegetable that enters the kitchen,” said Rabbi Moshe Friedman of Perla Luxury of Antwerp, who stands behind this initiative in Greece.

As mentioned above, the chareidi public will enjoy this rare opportunity to enjoy the perfect Pesach holiday at the same time enjoying  superb culinary feats and feasts, lemehadrin min hamehadrin, never before offered to the chareidi public.

When one eats in an exclusive restaurant where the food is prepared by Yonatan Roshfeld he parts from a substantial sum of money . Here, even the price is modest compared to the standards of international hotels. The cost for a couple flying from Israel, including the flights, is NIS 18,000 and includes the perfect holiday away from home. The hotel houses inside swimming pools and outside swimming pools, a private shore and is nearby the old city. This includes additional treats to spoil our guests,” says Friedman.

Reservations may be made at

“This is a one time chance to enjoy the best and most tasteful Pesach ever.”


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