Ford: I’m Toronto’s Best Mayor

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rob-fordTalk about an overreach. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who filed for re-election Thursday despite a firestorm of criticism over his admission to smoking crack cocaine, now is telling reporters that, “I’ve got the strongest track record. I’ve been the best mayor that this city’s ever had. My record speaks for itself.”

When reporters asked him what he will say to parents on the campaign trail about his drug use and affiliations with criminals, Ford retorted, “You want to get personal? I’m sticking to my record. That’s all personal.”

Election day for Toronto is on October 27.

The world can’t get enough of Rob Ford. Read more at The Toronto Star.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. He happens to be a good mayor, as that goes. He tries very hard to keep expenses down and taxes low. He is a businessman and knows how to run the city like a business. The liberal press (ie. Toronto Star) hates him as do the mostly liberal members of city council who thwart everything he tries to do. Is he a role model of a human being? No. Is he a good mayor? Yes!

  2. He is a great mayor! The liberal press hates him; How many politicians act like him in private? Probably many – he just can’t keep it private. But as a mayor, he still has a better approval rating then the president of the USA!!


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