Former BMG Talmid Running for NYC Council

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callerBy Nachman C. Caller, Esq

Michael Bloomberg has set a special election for March 23rd, 2010 to fill the recently vacated City Council seat previously held by Simcha Felder. I am hereby announcing my candidacy to fill the position of New York City Council Member for the 44th Councilmanic District. For the past 35 years I have lived in Boro Park, and for the last 25 years I have maintained a law practice in Boro Park as well.

After attending Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood for eleven years, I graduated with honors from Columbia University School of Law in 1984. During the course of my law career I had the opportunity to deal with numerous City legislation and regulations while advocating the needs of our community. In December, 2006, I testified in front of a City Council Hearing in connection with legislation affecting tax abatements for newly built housing in relation to the affordable housing fund for New York City. With my expertise in housing I will propose legislation restoring tax abatements for three family houses. This will ensure that people can purchase houses within our Community, and will not be forced to move elsewhere. It is your Community, why should you be forced to move out? Some other housing issues affecting our Community, of which I, as a City Council Member, will address, include: Mortgage Financing, housing costs, and real estate taxes.

More importantly, I will see that the children, parents, and grandparents of our Communities receive their rightful share of governmental benefits. In these dire economic times, it is imperative that we obtain any benefits that may be available, such as school vouchers and governmental programs. After I am elected as your representative for City Council on March 23rd, I will continue being an advocate for legislation to improve and enhance the quality of life within our Community, and the City as a whole.

I feel I can be a true advocate for our Community due to my proven leadership during these tough economic times. This is a trying time in our community where everyone is looking for support to assist them with their daily routine. I will make it my business to be readily available for any constituent needs during these tough economic times. I have had much hatzlacha (success) in my practice, and at this point in my career I would like to focus on Community needs. I am not running for a job, as I am not a career politician. I am running to benefit our Community. I believe that my unique background and education makes me the most capable candidate, and gives me the qualifications to be an outstanding City Council Member that will serve our Community, and the City.

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  1. We need someone who knows the ins-and-outs of City Hall: someone who knows the beauracracy of the city and its various offices! Why do you thing YOU are that man?
    Convince Me!

  2. This person is a very smart man. From the one time that I spoke with him, I realized that he is a real mentch. He is also a huge talmid chochom. I second his endorsement.

  3. We need someone who isn’t a politician; who has us in mind. We need someone smart & efficient but not full of himself. We need a mentch who understands and is part of the heimishe community. I know R’ Nachmen well, he is a professional, a talmid chochom and surely the best candidate!

  4. Nachman C. Caller is a Talmid Chochom and a Mentsch. What in the world will he have in common with the low-lives that habiuate the City Council. He does not speak their language. He does not think sleaze like them. Why in the world would Reb Nachman Caller, the Choshiva Yid, want to lie down in the mud with pigs? Will Reb Nachman vote for toeivah marriage and abortion as trade-off for what Boro Park needs? Will he become chums, buddy-buddy with the likes of Charles Barron and Christine Quinn?

  5. I’m glad you have seen fit to present to your readers the candidacy of Mr. Caller esq. Haredi members of the community should seriously consider this gentleman a worthy candidate to serve as “Shliakh Tseebur”. I am not endorsing anyone now. But I am interested in Mr. Caller as a viable alternative to politics as usual.

    I was very disappointed in David Greenfield’s unsolicited views on law enforcement. He had recently expressed his misgivings over ethnic profiling in pursuit of
    terrorist suspects. (Unwise outlook on the situation. We want law enforcement to use everything at its disposal—including ethnic profiling—to achieve success.)
    As for Mr. Lazar, his dismissal of
    community concerns over “toeivah” because of civil rights evidences a poor grasp of this subject. (He had made such statements on a talk show in response to frum callers who asked for his opinion on the subject. Frum voters are entitled to a candidate who does not compromise on this matter.)On a positive note, Mr. Lazar has served the local community for many years in various capacities.
    I await more information on the candidates before making a decision.

  6. I have known R. Nachman since we were freshmen in high school in Yeshiva Torah v’ Daas. Years later we were in BMG at the same time. I can attest that he is a brilliant talmid chacham and a wonderful ba’al midos. I am certain that his entry into the field of government is based on his desire to be osek b’ tzorchei tzibbur b’emunah. I could not think of a better person to represent our community. My best and heartiest wishes for success in this endeavor. The community will do well for itself to support him in every way.


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