Former CIA Officer: Stop Calling Islam A ‘Religion Of Peace’

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Former CIA covert officer Bryan Dean Wright argues that politicians should stop referring to Islam as an agent of peace and say it is ‘a religion in crisis.’




  1. Islam is a religion of wealth. Not inner-peace. But if they can stop their hate of Israel, Hashem will let them find good favor.

    Still, the hate of Israel comes from Ishmael becoming irate over his own traumatic worth. Get rid of the Pen on top of Israel’s Temple Mount and we might see Islam was not sitting on our world with its ill manners any further. The idea that a Shrine can be build on a place sacred to Israel from times that were established in peace is a terrible hate of G-d and man.

    The Islamist is not favored in his own free values as until he has voice for liberty, he can not have voice for peace.

    Careless to see the top of humor being the pack of the devil. They must be peacefully removed through negotiation and hope if we are to see a future in Israel for the Temple constructed. (else they will destroy it themselves.)

    Wiggle the enemy out of its hate.

    Nights are times for Israel to know Hashem has our faith in his conversation. He does not let the Har for Islam defiance become the world that the jews will never reach. Torah has tomorrow with Israel.

    • Apparently socialism is not only a failed economic plan it also drives its adherents insane. Anyone who doesn’t’ see that Islam is a religion of war and baseless attacks on innocent civilians is willfully blind or out of their mind.

  2. Keep on calling it that just change the spelling. It’s a religion of Pieces! They want to turn the world into pieces!


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