Former Defense Minister Ya’alon: Trump Is Looking for a Deal, But There Is No Partner for a Deal” 

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The Jerusalem Post reports that former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said in an interview, “Since the dawn of Zionism, the Arab position has been consistent, with no Arab leader being willing to divide the land with us. [PA President] Abbas won’t deliver the goods. There isn’t anyone on their side who can. Trump is looking for a deal. But there is no partner for a deal.”
“Because Abbas won’t change his views…when the decisive time comes, he [President Trump] will see that it is the Palestinians who refuse to make peace, just like [U.S. Presidents George W.] Bush and [Bill] Clinton [did]….The problem is the lack of readiness among the relatively moderate Palestinians like Abbas to accept Israel in any borders, including pre-1967 borders.”
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  1. Why doesn’t Trump & Abbas make a deal with the Neturei Karta?
    They are willing to give to the Arabs the whole country.

  2. Trump is a smart guy. Doesn’t he understand that basic info?
    He has Kushner, Greenblatt, Friedman to give him the same info.
    How come he doesn’t get it?

  3. Ya’alon, when he was in power, turned into a pacifist, allowing the Palestinians to send rockets into Israel at their wish without any response other than tough meaningless words. He was so petrified of upsetting Susan Rice & John Kerry. What a weakling loser.


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