Former FDA Chief: Controlling Coronavirus Vital to Avoid Recession


Dr. Scott Gottlieb said lifting lockdowns won’t prevent the economy from going into a recession.

In an opinion piece published in The Wall Street Journal, the former FDA chief along with director of economic policy studies at AEI Michael Strain, note that controlling the coronavirus is the only way to avoid a recession.

They wrote that even though the country is “open for business” in several states, “as long as COVID-19 is an epidemic, many will be cautious, and the economy will be weak.”

“There has been debate over whether lockdown orders or concerns about catching the virus is the primary driver of the economic downturn,” they wrote. “Both contributed, but consumer worries may now be the more prominent factor in many parts of the economy. Supporting recovery, and minimizing the risk of a double-dip recession, requires controlling the pandemic.”

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