Former Head of IDF Intelligence: ‘Major Strategic Clash’ With Iran ‘On the Horizon’

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Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran are on a collision course, a leading expert said on Sunday in the wake of Saturday’s clash between the Jewish state and forces loyal to Iran in neighboring Syria.

There is “a major strategic clash on the horizon,” said Amos Yadlin, the former head of IDF Intelligence and Executive Director of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

Yadlin made his comments to the Hebrew-language daily Maariv the day after Israel shot down an Iranian drone over its territory and then retaliated with major airstrikes in Syria.

“We are speaking about an attempt that has never been made before,” Yadlin said of the drone infiltration, and added that the likely motivation was Iran’s desire to prevent Israel’s ongoing attempts to prevent weapons transfers to the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon.

“The Iranians are not satisfied with the freedom of action Israel has taken and thus wanted to show Israel that it is also capable of attacking [Israeli] territory,” Yadlin commented.


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  1. But how can that be? Joe Biden told us during his debate against Paul Ryan that Iran was not building any nuclear weaponry and that they were not a threat to Israel. Are you saying that Obamas VP, Joe Biden was lying?


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