Former Jackson Zoning Board Member Seems to Call for Another Kristallnacht


Former Jackson Zoning Board Member John Burrows, who in the past was the subject of media attention for posting anti-Semitic comments on social media, has posted another comment this week that appears to call for outright violence.

“Kristallnacht 2019…what did they think would happen?” Burrows wrote. “How far will they push us? History only repeats itself, but they do not teach history…the fools. They will suffer.”

His comment was posted on the Facebook page of Rise Up Ocean County in response to a video of community activists giving potential homebuyers advice on purchasing new homes in Lakewood and the surrounding townships.

Last year, Burrows posted, “They keep pushing and pushing and then they say you’re anti-Semitic. They are on target for a repeat of the 1930s.”

Prior to that, Burrows posted, “We can fight [the Orthodox Jews] in the streets. They are chickens and will fall easy if they push us to violence, which is what they seem to want to do.”

This week’s post seems like a continuation of his trend to call for violence. The comment was referred to the Lakewood Police Department and the Ocean County Prosecutors office.

Burrows was a member of the Jackson Zoning Board until his retirement in 2017. He sat on the board during the 2014 denial of an application put forth by Oros Bais Yaakov for a school building on Cross Street. A judge later ruled that bias was not a factor in that denial, though it is unclear whether the same conclusion would have been reached had Burrows revealed his prejudice at the time.

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