Former Journalist Describes Physical, Mental Toll Of Working At Amazon Facility During Holiday Season

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As Black Friday turns into Cyber Monday, ushering in the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season, a former journalist is speaking up about the emotional and physical toll she says she experienced as a seasonal employee at one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Emily Guendelsberger was a reporter at the Philadelphia City Paper before it closed in 2015. Afterward, she took a seasonal job at Amazon’s relatively new fulfillment center just outside Louisville, Kentucky, where she worked as a picker, navigating the aisles of the warehouse to collect items that had been ordered for the holidays.

Guendelsberger described her time at Amazon to ABC News as physically taxing and said that she and other employees were constantly tracked and micromanaged by means of the handheld scanners they carried around.

Read more at ABC NEWS.



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