Former Knesset Speaker Burg: Chareidim Are Not Part of State of Israel

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avraham-burgFormer Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg said mass protests in the charedi sector following the Emmanuel affair, in which parents were forced to send their daughters to a certain school by a High Court ruling on the matter, served as the final deed of divorce between charedim and the rest of Israeli society.

In an interview with Yediot Achronot, Burg warned that the widely covered attack by charedi sector representatives on the Supreme Court and its judges is eroding Israel’s rule of law.

“The charedim are not part of the State of Israel,” said Burg. “The day before yesterday, charedim declared their autonomy within the State. They may be part of other countries, but I think we are witnessing the ongoing disintegration of Israeli society into ‘tribes’.”

The former Knesset speaker said the passing week has served as a turning point in the State’s ability to govern charedim.

“The Supreme Court has become a weak body under attack and no one is defending it. Their power trip, along with mistakes made by the political establishment, which has simply ceased to function in the past few weeks, are issues that could have been solved quickly.

“However,” Burg added, “The situation has reached a boiling point, and the demon cannot be put back into the bottle.”

Burg spoke during a weekly leftist protest at the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah against Jewish presence there.

“They will simply establish their own communal autonomy. The last ones to get this status will be the occupied population of the State of Israel in the West Bank and Yerushalayim.

“When people say ‘there is no holiness in an occupied city,’ it means that there is a need to do a just act instead of a wrong one. This is exactly what all these people are doing here – this is the real Yerushalayim,” he said.

Yeah, right.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. Yes, Avrum Burg’s law-abiding Zionist democracy lovers are upstanding citizens are his co-leftists the likes of Anat Kam…

  2. Now are you people finally ready to cast doubt on the “Munchhausen Mother” fiasco? Are you willing to realize that that was a bilbul, plain and simple, just like the bilbul on the Emmanuel parents?

    Yeah, I know you’ve forgotten already, but this poor mother, an upbeat and gentle woman whom I had the pleasure (and heartache) to meet several times in house arrest, has not. She has been cut off from her children by this Sdomer court for the next five years for the sole crime of realizing that the doctors are using her child as a guinea pig.

    Who knows, perhaps if everyone would have come out in defense of this needlessly and heartlessly torn family it wouldn’t have come to this.

    Same goes for the Valles case, where the father was dragged through the mud in order to prevent him from pointing his finger against the doctors who let his child die because it was only a Charedi little scum. This poor avrech “confessed” to a crime he never commited in order to avoid Yenty’s ordeal. Yenty stood strong, refusing to “confess”, and now she is paying the price. She is paralyzed from her waist down from the Epidural she received during the birth of her youngest child (perhaps by evil design, nothing is above those monsters), and she had to fight for her right to go for therapy because the doctors said she must be pretending(!) to be paralyzed. This is only a drop in the bucket of pain and abuse that this woman is going through.

    The Chofetz Chaim said Communism was a punishment for not standing up with mesiras nefesh against the gezairah of the Cantonists. Will we be able to say ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? Everyone who gave a hand, or even the benefit of the doubt, to these reshaim, will have to come face to face with this ????? ?? ?????, perhaps through the lens of the Emanuel parsha.

  3. The Chareidim may not be part of the state in his veiw. Far more important-is he part of Klall Yisroel in Hashem’s view?

  4. It must be hard for the Tzionim to see and hear more than a quarter of a million residents say “ aini maker b’midina hatzionis”!!

  5. Moshe Rabenu lost his chance to enter Eretz Yisroel because of the Rebels. 3300 years later, I ask, “What has changed?” We have to continue being strong in our continued Avodas Hashem, and let Hashem continue to take care of these REBELS. Has anyone seen the Earth open up and swallow anyone lately?????

  6. Did they mix up the pictures of Goering and Djemanjuk yimach shmam with that of the “former Knesset Speaker”?

    They all share a striking resemblance. Oh, maybe that’s what a Jew-hater looks like. We can’t blame whoever made the mistake!

    Replace “charedim” with “Jews” and you’ll be on the right track.

  7. And all of you hate-filled Jews are surely being smiled upon by Hashem- get down from your trees and take a look at your comments-shame on you!

  8. As the last vestige of European Imperialism in the Ottoman Empire, Israel has no right to exist … that is, as a secular Western state.

    But, as a religious place … a Jewish place … that is our only entitlement. Too bad the seculars would rather be in Europe.

  9. What right does mr burg who projects a secular state have to steal arab land? If his claim to the land is like the first rashi on the torah where we keep the torah well then of course this is our land and our rights exceed the arab claim to it but if we are secular and believe that the anti torah view is the true reign of power then we are nothing but thieves, and that sick man burg claiming to be a arab lover is nothing short of an ironic hypocrite burg mostly definitely is nothing short of a hater to jews and arabs alike. And it must also not be forgotten what that moron said a few years ago at a secular rally, how we (refering to ben gurion and the founding fathers of modern day israel) thought that the charedim (considering their small number at the begining of the state) will disappear, and he added too that charedim should have no rights, this man is a rushu, and so the commenter claimin that we are picking on this ”poor innocent man” is probably very ignorant and doesnt know who abraham burg is, and what he has said.

  10. “Too bad the seculars would rather be in Europe.”

    Halvi…rather, they want to make Israel into Europe chas vesholom.

    Watch for Israel to enter the EU in the upcoming years.

  11. he is absolutely right! Chareidim are part of the Mamleches Kohanim V’Goi Kodosh rather than part of the eirev rav “state of israel”…

  12. Avraham Burg has benn living in France since 2004 and is currently a French Citizen. This tells you everything about this individual who has come to hate his own country and people.


    You are not part of the Jewish people either, by your own choice. Stay in France, that is until the foreigners over there yell at you “Dirty Jew!” just to remind you where you come from.


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