Former Obama Aide Says Trump Lied About Past Attempts To Meet With Kim

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Ben Rhodes said early Sunday that President Trump was lying when he said the Obama administration repeatedly attempted to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un only to be rebuffed.

“Trump is lying. I was there for all 8 years. Obama never sought a meeting with Kim Jong Un. Foreign policy isn’t reality television it’s reality,” Rhodes, who served as former President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, tweeted.

“Photo ops don’t get rid of nuclear weapons, carefully negotiated agreements do,” added Rhodes, who is now a political commentator. “Trump’s foreign policy is a failure – from NK to Iran to Venezuela.”

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  1. Bambi was golfing so he couldn’t tend to it! By this time in his first term he had been on more golfing vacations that any previous president. His aides had to convince him to trim them or lose the re-election. He’s now going to lecture!

  2. Coming from the mouth of a serial liar, He admitted he and his cohorts in the Obum administration lied to the American people in order to sell them the Iran nuclear deal, This guy should be in prison.

  3. If that’s true, then why didn’t the great peacemaker, Her´ Obama, ever attempt to meet with the North Koreans??? He apologized to every tyrannical abusive Arab Nation. Obama apologized to Muslim Nations that throw gay citizens off of roofs. Why did he leave NK out???

  4. The question presents itself as to why didn’t Obama even TRY to meet North Korea? Did Obama want North Koreans to remain as it is?

    • Obama and his predecessor were petrified of North Korea and wouldn’t dare meet their leaders. And as for North Korea, why should they change if they can get 2 nuclear reactors plus 5 billion American dollars to enhance their missiles for free?!?

      Once President Trump came to power, North Korea quickly learned that the US paper tiger leaders of the past 30 years are gone and America has become great and powerful again.


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