Former Orthodox Feminist Leader Now Studying To Be Reform Rabbi

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The former executive director of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance announced Wednesday that she was studying to become a Reform rabbi, the Forward reports.

Elana Maryles Sztokman wrote on her blog that her decision was “about finding a home where I can share values with the people around me, where I don’t have to explain myself all the time, where I don’t feel like I have to apologize for putting the real needs of women in the equation. That is incredibly liberating, and healing.”

For shame.



  1. You write “for shame,” yet the exact opposite it true! It is a shame when people who are willing to mess around with the shulchan aruch take the name “orthodox.” People who want to change and reform halachic practices should realize that the Reform movement (which, by the way, is America’s largest Jewish movement and LOVES new members) is really their home, not among traditionally observant Jews. This should be an example to everyone in JOFA. Good for her!

  2. Easy. The criminal reform and conservative welcome anyone to defy the orthodox. She will be given prime housing and prime hope for any community activity she performs. The intermarriage rate will have her golden hand and her heretic stamp of approval. Got Lox? No, they might just have pork. What a sham.

    Disgusting but of course, the publicity and the satanic love of hate is so good that the whole world says “Murder tov”.

    How is that for my best mood? Thanks.

  3. G-d forbid anyone would say ‘m-rder tov’. Reform hates the orthodox so much that they would consider ever to kill for their treif. It is very bad.

    Mazel tov to Jerusalem. We will not add the reform to our constant concern for our faith.

    G-d bless America. We fix our concerns.

    Chas V’Shalom anyone would make a M-r–r tov suggestion. We must be kosher.

    Never Again.

  4. Reformed, Conservative, feminist, all buzzwords for goyish activity. They are all goyims. Shkootzims. Rutzchims. feh.

    They have nothing to do with Judaisms.

  5. “Orthodox Feminists” is either “Modern Orthodox” or “Open Orthodox”. No different than Conservative. She just went a bit lower to Gehinom to join “Reform”. What does she need to “study” to be Reform Rabbi? How to make mixed marriages? How to eat chazer or bake bacon with cheese? Or how to play the organ on Yom Kippur?


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