Former Passaic Mayor Thanks Hatzolah for Helping Her


hatzolah1The following is a letter from former Passaic Mayor Margie Semler in the Herald News thanking Hatzolah members and the current Passaic Mayor for helping her when she fainted at the Memorial Day Parade:

Despite the earlier controversy surrounding Passaic’s Memorial Day parade, the end result was fine. Due to the extreme heat and dehydration, however, I fainted on the reviewing stand, causing a distraction for which I apologize.

I wish to thank most gratefully those who attended to me.

I awoke to find David Kaplan of the Hatzolah EMS of North Jersey with Mayor Alex Blanco administering to my needs. I appreciate members of the police and fire departments whose assistance was also helpful, as well as the crew of the Hatzolah group and the Passaic EMS.

My thanks also go out to those in attendance at the ceremony who expressed their concern and best wishes.

May Passaic continue having this parade as a reminder to all of the true meaning of Memorial Day and of the benefits we derive from the sacrifices of those who gave their lives so that our country can survive as a free nation.

Margie Semler


The writer is a former mayor of Passaic.

{North Jersey/Noam Newscenter}


  1. She lives on my block, she said after this that she will always call hatzolah. Great job by hatzolah E.M.S. of north jersey. The police, ems and the fire departments are all talking about it!

  2. While this is a wonderful story and is commendable, please note that this “Hatzolah” is NOT the official Hatzolah servicing the Passaic Clifton community.


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