Former PM Ehud Barak Reveals Name Of Newly-formed Israel Democratic Party


Ehud Barak revealed the name of his new party on his Facebook profile on Motzei Shabbos.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the former prime and defense minister insisted that the Hebrew name for his party, Israel Democratit, should be translated as Israel Democratic Party.

Barak has already announced that former deputy chief of staff Yair Golan, former Kulanu parliamentarian Yifat Biton, entrepreneur Kobi Richter, and former Labor party member Yaya Fink would join him in his new venture.


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  1. Naming a party “Israel Democratic” doesn’t make Israel a democracy when Israel is not a democracy and never was. The Israeli supreme court radical leftist judges are self appointed for life! When one judge leaves, other judges themselves appoint one of their theirs! And they still have the audacity to say that Israel is a “democracy”. As Professor Paul Eidelberg said, Israel is very far removed from being a democracy.

  2. Now that the Democratic party in the US has become known worldwide as a lawless, violent, disruptive party, Barak wants Israel to form such a party. Is he normal?


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