Former President Jimmy Carter Undergoes Surgery After Breaking Hip

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Carter, 94, fell at his home in Plains, Georgia, Monday morning as he was leaving to go turkey hunting, The Carter Center announced.

The 39th president of the United States is now recovering “comfortably” in the hospital alongside his wife, Rosalynn after undergoing surgery to repair a broken hip. His main concern is returning to the task he set off to complete this morning, according to the statement.

“President Carter said his main concern is that turkey season ends this week, and he has not reached his limit,” The Carter Center joked. Carter is now the oldest living former president in U.S. history, surpassing George H.W. Bush in March.

Read more at ABC News.



  1. He’s been around long enough. Its high time he passes on so we can forget about this loser of a president and senile hatemonger and hopefully he’ll get was is coming to him. His secret service detail won’t be there to protect him..


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