Former RNC Chairman Joins Anti-Trump Lincoln Project

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The first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, is joining the anti-Trump group Lincoln Project, which endorses Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and is working to oust the president’s supporters in Congress.

“The chair behind the Resolute Desk has always been bigger than any political party,” Steele said in a statement Monday. “Sadly, we have witnessed its occupant devolve into preying upon fears and resentments with narcissism that nurtures only chaos and confusion.”

Steele will assume the role of senior adviser to the group, led by current and former establishment Republicans. The Lincoln Project, which claims former President Abraham Lincoln as its inspiration, has skewered Trump on social media and in ad campaigns including “Mourning in America,” a riff on former President Ronald Reagan’s popular 1984 reelection spot “Morning in America.”

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  1. These people actually have a plan? Vote for Biden ? That is their answer? Have a liberal supreme court? Can someone please explain what the Lincoln project is trying to accomplish?

    • My thoughts exactly. Yes, Trump stinks, we all know that. But is there an alternative? Handing liberals the keys to the country for four years so they can further corrode its moral fabric, destroy law and order, and move closer to G-dless Marxism is going to save the country?! This Lincoln Project really confounds me.

  2. What a joke. This ingrate was a total disaster for the Republican party. Obama and Rahm Emanuel ran circles around this incompetent liberal. Remember the whole Rush Limbaugh controversy with him? This bum is just another affirmative action John Kasich type.

  3. Traitors. Idiots. How will the socialists be better than Trump?

    Perfection is the enemy of good enough. Trump is good enough for Republicans. Biden isn’t.

  4. Park me if I am not good. I reserve my right not to vote. The Trump plan is a war to the natural world and a hardness that even his own face does not fit. Would he dare be put on Mount Rushmore as the only jerk with a beard removed next to Abe Lincoln?

    Well that is an aside. This Lincoln project sounds like a bad earl. The fitting might just be wear your beard long. I will call that a Lincoln Project and we can laugh well as men say good things about a president.

    Dare I think that these men are still shaving Lincoln’s beard. A war of no special worth.


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