“Forward-50” Includes Masbia CEO R’ Alexander Rapaport

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alexanderrapaport[Video below.] The Executive Director of the Masbia soup kitchen network, Alexander Rapaport was chosen to be one of the  Forward 50,” an annual list of Jews who have had a significant impact on the Jewish story each year. Rapaport opened his first soup kitchen in 2005 to feed hungry Jews who were often times too proud to ask for help. This year, as the community continued to feel the effects of the Great Recession, Rapaport opened three new soup kitchens in Flatbush and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and in Rego Park in Queens. Altogether, Masbia, Hebrew for “satiate,” now feeds 500 people a night.

“I am very honored to be the only Chassidic Jew chosen to be part of this year’s Forward 50,” said Rapaport, acknowledging that he stands out from the rest of his largely secular cohort.

Masbia’s expansion over the last year would not have been possible without the help of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and a few generous donors such as Henry and Susie Orenstein, Larry Robbins, and Mordechai Mandelbaum, Rapaport said.

“Bubbe Rapaport in Montreal, recently widowed and a Holocaust survivor is going to be very proud of me,” Rapaport said. “She struggled all her life to raise a family from the ashes, and this will be real milestone for her.” Feeding the hungry has a long history in Rapaport’s family. His mother’s mother [Bubby Brauner OB”M] was beaten time and again for stealing food from the SS delivery trucks to give to her fellow Jews. Rapaport recalls her telling him how she would walk through the dead trying to find a living person to feed stolen beets. “It continues to be a challenge every day to keep Masbia’s doors open. I hope this moment of recognition will help bring awareness to the plight of so many hungry people.”

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Click below for a video of Alexander Rapaport  and Masiba:

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  1. May Hashem bless you and your family with everything your heart desires.Know your mother from my school days…runs in the blood…it seems…always helping …. always there when the need presents itself…
    Been there to make contributions…The food is amazing, presentable, filling….no one leaves hungry….watched the people come in ….just a wonderful place for the less fortunate.. May Hashem give you success in your effort to help, or restore the dignity to those who can’t pay their own way.
    Hatzlocha ….Mr. Rappaport…you are very special.

  2. May Hashem reward him for all the chesed he does… & may hashem give his continuous hatzlacha in everything he deals with…
    for such a person is someone that does not let Gaava (pride) get the better of him. (by saying look at all i do… look how special i am…) he stays in humility & grows from it


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