FOUND: Diamond Ring in a Yerushalayim Haystack

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After leaving a Yerushalayim restaurant, a woman recalled that she had taken off her diamond engagement ring before netillas yodayim and forgotten it on the table. By the time she got back, the table refuse and ring had just been picked up by a garbage truck.

Racing after the vehicle, she begged the driver to wait. At a collecting point in Givat Shaul, the truck disgorged 15 tons of garbage and the search commenced.

Miraculously, she and three sanitation workers, with the help of a tractor, found the ring within 15 minutes.

{ Israel}


    • that’s some archeological item that was in an earlier article and which i think has nothing to do with this piece of news

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I never understood that saying. If I find the needle in the haystack, it’s probably going to prick my finger and cause me to bleed. That’s painful and I’m not interested. You can keep your dumb needle.


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