Fourth Attack in 24 Hours: Fire Bomb Hurts Israeli Mother And Children

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palestinianIn the fourth Palestinian attack in 24 hours, a woman and her children were slightly injured when their car was set ablaze by fire bombs near Efrat this morning.

Debka File reports that the mother extricated the children from the burning car.

Last night, a Palestinian was shot dead when he tried to stab a Border Police Guardsman at the Bais Lechem checkpoint. The officer was unhurt, according to Debka.

Another Palestinian was killed when he opened fire on a group of soldiers awaiting a lift at the Tapuah Junction on the West Bank. That morning, a drive-by shooting targeted a checkpoint near the Palestinian village of Na’alin. A second Palestinian vehicle tried to run over the commander of the pursuit. He shot back. The vehicle was found, but both assailants got away.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The time has come for the Israelis to get tough on these people; they are only brave when they can attack women and children and unsuspecting border guards.

  2. They are letting terrorists, cold blooded killers of our people, from jails to please Kerry and those who publicly want to wipe us out from the earth and after that Kerry is treathening us with third intifada???? What is going on here?
    When are you going to realize after all we learned in history that – JEWS DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS! JEWS HAVE ONLY HAKADOSH BARUCH HU!!!

  3. These are peace-loving people who we ought agree to live side-by-side with in the infamous two-state dissolution. Even ask the Kerry, Israel is the impediment to peace!
    Yeh, Yeh!!!


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