Fourth Siyum Hashas By a 17-Year-Old Illui

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poznaHe is approaching his 17th birthday and the Shas Yidden illui, Yehuda, decided to celebrate his entry into his 18th year by completing Shas for the fourth time. Even more remarkable is that he completed this cycle of Talmud Bavli – from Brachos to Uktzin – in just four months – averaging over 500 dapim a month.

“It is hard to believe that we are witnessing such a phenomenon in our generation,” a number of roshei yeshiva across Eretz Yisroel have commented.

The nosi of Kollel Shas Yidden, the Pozna Rov of Flatbush, Rav Avrohom Eisen, flew to Eretz Yisroel for the occasion.

Yehuda is a son of a rov in Beit Shemesh, where the first Kolell Shas Yidden is located.

For those not familiar with Shas Yidden, at its last public annual Siyum Hashas, the Sanzer Rebbe, the nosi of Mifal Hashas, said, “In Jewish history, there has never been such a Torah institution where all those studying there know Shas baal peh (by heart).”

The Pozna Rov established the program a few years ago by gathering a group of outstanding talmidei chachomim. Requirements for acceptance included having a broad knowledge of Talmud Bavli, with proficiency in all of Rashi and Tosafos.

In the Tradition of the Gedolei Torah

The pace of study is reminiscent of the ways of the great gaonim – eight dapim of Gemara each day, plus four on Shabbos. At the end of every month, each member takes a vigorous oral and written examination to verify their mastery of that month’s 225 dapim of Gemara.

One-and-a-half years ago, after the annual Siyum Hashas, the Shas Yidden members went to the home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who spent over half an hour presenting questions to them from all over Shas. It was clear that Rav Chaim derived much pleasure from the back and forth. As a result, he made a point of personally attending last year’s Siyum Hashas, where he began the new cycle. He blessed the nosi of Kollel Shas Yidden, the Pozna Rov, for maintaining such an institution.

At Rav David Abuchatzeira in Nahariya

Last week, all the Shas Yidden members travelled to Nahariya for the siyum, which was sponsored by none other than Rav David Abuchatzeira in his personal bais knesses next to his office. The youngest member of Kollel Shas Yidden celebrated his own private completion of Shas. This was a study regimen that he took upon himself over and above the eight dapim a day of the Shas Yidden program, and the Pozna Rov felt it important to fly in from America to recognize this singular achievement.

Rav Abuchatzeira is an avid supporter of the Shas Yidden program, and he presided over the siyum and showered accolades and words of appreciation on the program and its talmidei chachomim.

“The entire world,” he said, “rests on this kollel program and the gaonim who are learning there. Whoever supports this kollel program hastens the final redemption. Moshiach will come in the merit of the Torah that you are studying,” Rav David declared.

The talmidei chachomim of Shas Yidden do not have the luxury to sit back and enjoy the memories of the wonderful siyum, as they are due to complete their annual cycle of Shas after Sukkos.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. So what can the average guy like me learn from this ongoing story? Rav Hutner ZT”L was against writing in Gedolim’s biography things like, “he finished shas by his bar mitzvah”. “He knew gantz Shulchan Aruch by his upsherin”. “He was making brachos by his own Bris”. “He chazers over mesechtas Chulin while he’s waiting for the bus”. It does NOTHING for a Ben Torah. Not everyone is supposed to be Rav Akiva Eiger. If one takes these stories seriously, one can get depressed and give up. I wish this Talmud Chacham, Bracha Vihatzlacha.

  2. This is not a depressing factor. It is joy to be celebrated by all Yidden at a time when we are in desperate need of zechusim. Torah is our guiding light, our whole life. While it may be true that it is not praiseworthy to consistently stress to children and adults alike that everyone must be on this madreiga, it is important that we see that Hashem has sent us these wonderful Talmedai Chachamim. We must teach everyone that their job is to do their best, but we must also teach everyone that there are those that can reach higher goals and that we should share in their simcha and be very proud to be part of such a glorious nation. Every Yid has his own tafkid and we must fargin those that reach such illustrious heights. It can be used as an encouraging lesson that we should all push ourselves forward. Little steps can accomplish big things. I am truly proud to be a Yid!

  3. What Can We Learn?

    BH. Bli Ayin Hara! May this bochur continue to grow in his avodas Hashem so that his maasim tovim surpass his chochma.

    Thank you for a POSITIVE STORY!!!!

  4. @Those cookies look good

    The idea is not to get depressed, rather to inspire us to think about how much/little of immense capabilities are we devoting to Hashem and his Torah.


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