Fox Host Apologizes for Saying that ‘All Terrorists Are Muslim’

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brian-kilmeadeFox News Channel host Brian Kilmeade is apologizing for saying on the air that “all terrorists are Muslim.” Kilmeade, a host of the “Fox & Friends” morning show, said Monday that he┬ámisspoke Friday when he and his colleagues were discussing an appearance of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly on “The View” last week. O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11” and “View” hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the set in objection. They returned after O’Reilly apologized and after being chastised by colleague Barbara Walters for leaving.Kilmeade said “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.”

On Monday, Kilmeade said on Fox that “I don’t believe all terrorists are Muslims. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about that if I offended … or hurt anybody’s feelings. But that’s it.”

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  1. Anybody care to prove him wrong? With exception of the IRA anyone else committing terrorist actions besides Muslims in recent history?

  2. All terrorists are Muslims? Well, let’s see:

    Timothy McVeigh, nice white Christian boy from upstate New York, used a car bomb to destroy the Murragh building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Killed 168 people, including 19 children in an on-site day care center.

    Tamil Tigers – Hindu separatist group in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Very good at suicide bombing of politicians greeting large crowds of supporters. Finally defeated by government last year.

    ETA – Basque separatist group in northeastern Spain – Catholic – long campaign of bombings and kidnappings, killed at least 800 people. Finally declared truce this year.

    Shining Path guerrillas, Peru. Massacres and assassinations. Marxist. Catholic and native American.

    James von Brunn. Last year gunned down guard at Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Wanted to commit a massacre. Lone wolf terrorist. White Christian anti-Semite and racist.

    These are just off the top of my head. So this guy is either lying in his teeth or he’s so amazingly ignorant you wonder how he got to be host on a news channel.

  3. I wish people would watch the tape. He said “not all Muslims are terrorists” and then, in the context of talking about a specific group of radicals, he notes that all of them are Muslim.
    Did he mispeak? Yes. But people jumping on him and ignoring the context is asinine.

    PS> Time, please recheck your list.
    Timothy McVeigh was a former Christian turned atheist.
    Shining Path members belong to an atheist faith known as Marxism. They hate Catholics and have attacked churches, at least those that were not co-opted.

    James vonn Brunn, who I have had the misfortune of debating online, say Christianity as a Jewish disease foisted on White People.

  4. #7 – it is correct that not ALL terrorists are Muslim, but the plain truth is that a disproportionate percentage of terrorists are Muslim. But chas veshalom, should anyone say that, you’ll have Muslims everywhere up in arms (pun intended).


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