Mitt-mentum: Romney Wins Florida in Landslide

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romney-gingrichMitt Romney has won the Florida Republican presidential primary, Fox News projects.

The victory, in the GOP contest’s biggest state to date, is likely to give the former Massachusetts governor a burst of momentum as he and Newt Gingrich battle for the lead in what has become an increasingly negative race.

With 61 percent of precincts reporting, Romney is leading with 47 percent. Gingrich has 31 percent, followed by Rick Santorum with 13 percent and Ron Paul with 7 percent.

Romney is expected to win all 50 of Florida’s convention delegates.

Fox News also projects that Gingrich will finish second, followed by Rick Santorum in third and Ron Paul in last place.

The results mark a serious setback for the former House speaker, who trounced Romney just 10 days ago in South Carolina and was leading Romney in Florida polls as recently as last week.

With his Florida win, Romney is the only Republican candidate to have won two primaries. In a historical anomaly, the first three contests went to three different winners.

But the former House speaker is vowing a drawn-out battle for delegates as the Republican race heads next to Nevada, and then a batch of primaries in western and Midwestern states.

Asked Tuesday how close the race was to being over, Gingrich said, “I would probably say six months. I would say June or July, unless Romney drops out.”

Gingrich has held a narrow lead in most recent national polls. But Romney began to edge him out in Florida over the past week, despite Gingrich’s come-from-behind victory in South Carolina on Jan. 21.

Gingrich, after dominating the debates in the run up to South Carolina, was more subdued on stage ahead of Florida — while Romney aggressively challenged Gingrich’s attacks on his personal wealth and his immigration position. Both campaigns, and the groups that support them, were on air with scorching attack ads in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s primary is the most valuable so far in pure numbers. With the awarding of Florida’s 50 delegates, Romney will have 87 delegates nationally, compared with 26 for Gingrich. Santorum will remain at 14 delegates and Paul stands with four. It takes 1,144 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination.

In a positive sign for Gingrich, exit polls showed evangelical voters trending for the former House speaker. The exit polls showed Gingrich with 40 percent among that group, and Romney with 36 percent.

But the margin was wider for Romney among seniors and Hispanics. Half of the seniors polled were supporting Romney, while 35 percent backed Gingrich. Romney also led Gingrich 56-29 percent among Hispanic voters, the largest minority in the state, exit polling showed.

Voters overwhelmingly went for Romney among those who said winning in November is the most important quality in a Republican nominee. But for voters who valued “true conservative” credentials as their top quality, Gingrich led with 46 percent, followed by Santorum at 26 percent and Paul at 16 percent. Among those voters, Romney was last with 11 percent.

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  1. Rommel…..uh, uh, Romney is a clone of Bush one. He has many of the same working on his campaign, John Sununu, FEH! and other anti Jewish trash.

    Besides, he is a RINO

  2. #2:
    RINO = Republican In Name Only
    It’s a derogatory name used by Republicans for members of the GOP whose views, actions, etc. are not really conservative.

    What the GOP doesn’t get is that every time they nominate a bland guy like Romney, they lose. See Bob Dole and John McCain. I have no clue who will be a better president, or if Gingrich stands a chance against Obama, but it seems that Romney for sure has no chance of winning if he’s nominated.

  3. I love these sore losers who use the term RINO. As if the actual Republican party is so uniform in beliefs for there to be one true definition of a Republican. Keep crying.

  4. The GOP ESTABLISHMENT pouring money To Romney,are the same who (,you’re supposed to be unaware of this ),originally opposed Reagan.

  5. #1 and #2
    RINO Rebublican in name only.

    The leaders of the GOP are generally what you call RINO(and their talk-show mouthpieces),and have been for a century(with exception of the ’60s).


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