France Bombs ISIS Capital

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war planesThe French defense ministry announced Sunday that its air force is attacking the capital of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. A command post and trainng camp were supposedly destroyed.

At least ten warplanes are reportedly conducting airstrikes.

The attack comes hours after it was reported that the Paris terrorists communicated with ISIS command in Syria and that the men were trained, not merely inspired, by ISIS. Read more at BBC News.



  1. It’s the French people that are at fault!
    You don’t understand the poor, downtrodden ISIS people!
    They’re freedom fighters against tyranny!
    The French are aggressors!
    The French deserve it as they’ve murdered thousands of innocent arabs!
    It’s because they outlawed the head-scarves!
    The French caused the refugee problem!
    We should insist that labels show made-in-France instead of made-in-EU!
    Let’s boycott them!

    Oh, they’re not Jewish? Scrap all of the above!!!

  2. Dear France,

    We empathize with you over the tremendous blow you suffered this weekend. At the same time, we trust, that in your effort to level the playing field, and weaken the enemy’s ability to continue the senseless carnage, you will keep innocent civilian casualties down to a minimum. Of course, should the enemy station themselves amid areas populated with hospitals, schools, and neighborhoods, we will understand if a few extra civilians invariably get caught in the crossfire, as surely you would do for Israel in her ongoing attempt to maintain law & order, in her land (including, of course, in the liberated territories).


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