France Shooter’s Father Wants to Know Why Police Killed Him, Instead of Taking “Him Like a Baby”

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toulouse-killerThe father of the Muslim gunman who attacked French soldiers and a Jewish school says he wants to know why special forces killed his son rather than knock him out with gas and “take him like a baby.”

In a brief interview aired on Tuesday by France 24 TV, Mohamed Benalel Merah asked why a “strong country” with options killed him instead of capturing him.

Mohamed Merah, 23, killed seven people. Police killed him after a 32-hour standoff at his Toulouse apartment. Authorities have said Merah had fired volleys at them.

Merah’s father, who lives in Algeria, said he should have been taken alive and judged.

He asked: “Why did they kill him? … They could have used gas, for example to take him like a baby.”

Merah reportedly wants to file a complaint for his son’s death.

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  1. He is dead – good riddance – but the whole story does not add up. Police said using gas in enclosed buildings is against international conventions (possibly, but also deadly force is a last resource) and there is something strange with the apartment being surrounded (as opposed to a surprise action) and then the action taking place a day later, when the terrorist was likely to be close to exhaustion from sleep deprivation and stress. That said, I think it’s better this way: trial would have been a mockery and an advertising platform.

  2. They took him like a baby- the same way he took the children at the school- with bullets to the head. Be careful what you ask for- you just might get it.

  3. They took him like a baby- the same way he took the children at the school- with bullets to the head. Be careful what you ask for- you just might get it.

  4. The father doth protest too much. What sort of upbringing did Mohamed Benalel Merah give his son ? Should he also show disrespect for the security services of the country of France ? Would he prefer to live in Algeria ?

  5. Duh!!!
    They should have given him a baby bottle to drink and after some days of his baby formula drink they should have filled his bottle with poison! Perhaps they do that now to the father so that he could join his bubbaleh!
    Yemach Sh’moi!

  6. #4 Adam Neira
    Family divorced when the child was five year old and the father had little contact with him, and anyway the father at a point left France. The mother (the one who refused to take part in negotiations, saying she has no influence on her son) raised the children, but this one, who was young, spent time with various french foster families. Educational system has been a failure at 360 degrees, including school and including social services. Failure is not exclusive to his parent (neither of them). But that’s not the point here. I am sure that person had problems in life, like we all have, like his father who now speaks on the TV has had, and like also the austrian painter had. Most people try their best to deal with life problems, most people don’t think that the solution to their problems is exterminating passers-by, much less children.


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